Envision The Leader You Want To Become - Wired To Lead Module 1


Our leadership foundation courses and transformational process will not only enable you to embody your vision of authentic leadership but also unleash your powerful leadership presence. As an entrepreneur, business professional or formal leader your success is dependent upon building your leadership capability. Leadership development fosters alignment, accountability, and productivity. As a premiere leadership training course, Wired to Lead is designed to equip you to develop your leadership capability and learn to lead effectively; you will learn how to begin to capitalize on career opportunities and become more confident in your ability to lead. Module 1 is comprised of 4 lessons: - Lesson 1: A Defining Moment - Lesson 2: The New View of Leadership - Lesson 3: Your Leadership Vision - Lesson 4: Blocks and Barriers

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Lesson 1 : Your Defining Moment

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Lesson 2 : A New View of Leadership

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